Dr. Neal’s Top Herbs for Women’s Health: Maca Root and Cranberry

Wait — May isn’t over quite yet! June is looming on the horizon and with it the promise of vacations and vitamin D boosts, but we’re still firmly in Women’s Health Month for another few days. While we’d need the whole year, at least, to really do the topic justice, we’re going to use the […]

Women’s Bone Health: What Ladies Need to Know

When all our times have come, when the society we know has become a thing of the past — what will remain? Well, hopefully, the misinformation and misogyny that runs rampant in our culture will be rendered obsolete and we’ll be left with only the remnants of our hopes and dreams as a collection of […]

5 Popular Herbs for Women’s Health

Gender and wellness can be pretty divisive topics. But you should know by now that we’re not ones to shy away from controversy, especially not during Women’s Health Month! Our whole jam is breaking down complicated topics accurately, equitably, and with your best interests in mind. And when it comes to being in the world, […]

Women’s Health Month: Top 5 Supplements for Women

It’s May! Which means it’s officially Women’s Health Month and we know the question on everyone’s minds. That is: How can we encapsulate such a complex and complicated topic as women’s health into one short, albeit gloriously warm, month? It gets even more intricate when we consider the fact that medical science is constantly evolving, […]

Eyedrops for Seasonal Allergies: What to Know Before You Buy

Sneezes, sniffles, and snot — oh my! The spring season is upon us and so are the allergies that come with it.  We’ve already talked about Dr. Neal’s top supplements for seasonal allergies and how to combat mucus-filled throats with wellness practices, but you know what else you have to keep an eye out for? […]

Stress Management Part 2: Overcoming Barriers to Regular Practice

The last time we came on this blog to shake up the conversation around stress and stress management, we made a grievous error. In our rush to share holistic strategies for dealing with the stress of the modern world, we made a blanket statement about March being the most depressing month of the year. That […]

Staying Well During Allergy Season

Take that, Seasonal Affective Disorder! Another winter of gloom and slush has come to pass and we survived. So big were our mid-January promises to move, romp, and bask in the sunshine as soon as spring came, but if you’re anything like us, your nose is doing more running this season than anything else. Seasonal […]

Supplements for Anxiety: Do They Work?

Did you leave the stove on? Is your door locked? Have your keys, phone, or wallet up and walked away in the last 3 minutes since you’ve seen them? Are your palms sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy?  We talked about science-supported supplements for depression a couple of weeks ago, much to the chagrin of black-and-white […]

Supplements for Seasonal Allergies: 2024’s Best Holistic Options

We made it through yet another winter slog, but we’re not quite safely in summer yet… So you know what that means! It’s allergy season. If they haven’t already invaded your sinus canals, just know that the sniffles, sneezes, and slime are well on their way. With the longer days of spring comes an influx […]

Stress Management Part 1: A Holistic Framework for Living with Stress

March has become something of an unofficial Mental Health Month around these parts — have you noticed?  We’re well aware of the fact that May is supposed to be the month when we all spend some time thinking about mental illness and mental health difficulties, but let’s be real. May has wildflowers and sunshine, gentle […]

Science-Backed Supplements for Depression: 3 to Know

Are there, and this is not a rhetorical question, people alive in modern America who aren’t depressed? Despite having no real-world evidence to support this claim, we’ve heard they exist. So if you are one of the rare ones with a pleasantly placid nature (or even, heaven forbid, a zest for life), then please move […]

Holistic Mental Health: Wellness Practices for Depression, Anxiety, and More

Did you miss the brain buzz of last week? We, in our typical, rebellious Woodstockian fashion, debunked some pretty controversial and deeply coveted myths about mental health.  To the tune of: No, it’s not all in your head; yes, our culture contributes to mental health issues. Oh, and, your physical health is inextricably linked to […]

4 Mental Health Myths Debunked: Understanding the American Mental Health Crisis

There’s not much we Americans agree on these days. Not politics, not healthcare, not even which sportball team is objectively the best.  But if there’s one thing that seems to unite us all, besides our adoration of Dolly Parton, it’s mental health issues.  The American mental health crisis has been at the forefront of wellness […]

Meditation vs Mindfulness — Common Misconceptions

It wouldn’t be 7:30AM on a random Wednesday in February if we didn’t wake up with racing thoughts about traffic, work, sustenance, chores, past situations, family patterns, future anxieties, and everything in between, now would it?  An overly prolix sentiment, sure, but we stand by the fact that most of us contemporary humans suffer from […]

Healing Hearts: Top 4 Herbs for Cardiovascular Wellness

Valentine’s 2024 has come and gone, folks! While we hope your heart didn’t take too much of a beating, we’re willing to bet it’s feeling a little blue.  After all, how can this regular old Wednesday live up to the holiday hullabaloo? Whether you spent it lavishing a lover or saving face in your mom’s […]

5 Steps to Live a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

If ever there was a day for indulging in sweets so sugary they’ll stop your heart, it’s today. Another Valentine’s celebration is upon us, friends! Whether you’re cursing Cupid or cozied up with a companion, what we have for you here is just what the love doctor ordered. That is, a blog on why you […]

Top Wellness Practices for Living Well with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Living with a chronic illness can be a real pain in the neck — literally and metaphorically.  Especially when the hallmarks of your long-term condition are literal, physical (and emotional!) pain, as is the case with rheumatoid arthritis (RA).  So while we’d normally put a silly gif here, 2024’s Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Day is no […]

3 Data-Backed Supplements for Heart Health

Is it just us, or is 2024 already flying by? New Year’s passed in a blink, and now looming on the horizon is Hallmark’s most profitable holiday of the year: Valentine’s Day.  So there seems to be no better moment to discuss the health of another enigmatic ideal that ticks away relentlessly, just like time. […]

4 Steps to Buying the Right Supplements in 2024

We’ve already said our piece about New Year’s resolutions — how and why exactly we think they stink. But, if we’re being honest, there is one pact we think every wellness seeker should make with themselves this year.  And that is: To stop wasting money on vitamins and supplements.  Does that mean we think you […]

Multivitamins for Brain Health: 3 Things to Know Before Buying

Have you heard the news? There’s a certain supplement in the spotlight right now, thanks to recently released research straight from the COSMOS.  Okay, so, it wasn’t beamed down to us from the heavens. COSMOS, which stands for COcoa Supplement and Multivitamin Outcomes Study, is a large-scale clinical trial exploring the potential benefits of both […]

Magnesium Deep Dive: Doses, Deficiencies, and Dupes

If you haven’t caught wind of the magnesium hype yet, then you must be living under a rock. And a particularly mineral-deficient rock, at that!  Magnesium supplements, powders, lotions, and potions have risen in popularity in recent years. Slathered-up proponents of the nutrient claim muscle relaxation, decreased anxiety, improved sleep, and more as inevitable side […]

Sleep Supplements: 5 Lesser-Known Sleep Aids

This is it, friends! 2024 is the year that we all finally start getting enough sleep to truly thrive. That means 8 hours minimum of deep, uninterrupted, dream-filled snoozing.  It’s not impossible, we promise! In fact, if you’ve been paying attention, then you know we’ve already shared the low-down on sleeping like a log. Like […]

5 Things to Do (Not Take) for Better Sleep

It’s always new you this and new you that! These days, it seems like no one wants to admit that, for many, all January 3rd means is it’s the third day of the NYE hangover.  While we hope you’re not one of the unfortunate ones still nursing the aches and battling the fatigue of a […]

No More Resolutions: Set a Vision for the New Year

If you ask holistic health advocate and notorious boat-rocker, Dr. Neal, the last two weeks of the year should be a national holiday. Instead of jam-packing our already jam-packed festivities with overwrought productivity and additional stress, we should do absolutely nothing. Except maybe have a Lord of the Rings marathon or snuggle up to a […]

The Truth About Intermittent Fasting 

Well, folks, we made it through the candy holiday and the pie holiday in one piece! Last up on the 2023 docket is the candy, pie, and cookies holiday we like to call Christmas.  Is it any wonder digestive supplements and detox teas fly off the shelves during this festive time of year? From enzymes […]

5 Benefits of Collagen for Gut Health

Have you noticed a subtle theme to our recent blog posts?  In preparation for the adventurous eats of the holiday season, we’ve been knee-deep in tummy trouble topics. Chewing on everything from digestive enzyme myths to probiotic strain research, the Woodstock Vitamins blog has been a veritable smorgasbord of gut health information.  But we’re going […]

The Gut-Brain Connection: 3 Holistic Tips for Optimal Health

If you’re even mildly interested in health — and not living under a rock — then there’s a good chance you’ve already heard the phrase gut-brain connection.  It’s become a bit of a buzzword in the wellness spheres and beyond, wielded to justify everything from straight apple cider vinegar shots to intermittent fasting. Especially this time […]

Digestive Enzymes Demystified: 5 Things to Know Before Taking 

If ever there were a poster child for bad eating habits, it would be the modern American.  We take our plastic-wrapped foods to-go, swallowing quick eats while driving to work without so much as a third chew. Is it any wonder that the vast majority of us here in the land of the free report […]

Why You Need a Supplement Strategy — Plus 3 Steps to Get Started

While the pace of our modern world reaches unforeseen speeds, Thanksgiving still draws ever nearer, offering us a little moment of rest and restoration on the horizon.  During this feast-filled season, it’s important to remember that like a well-prepared holiday meal, your supplement routine also deserves a thoughtful strategy. After all, with just one day […]

Best Probiotics for Gut Health — 4 Strains Backed by Science

Which is longer — your Thanksgiving grocery list or the nights you’ve spent awake, anxiously awaiting the digestive repercussions of unfettered feasting?  If it’s the latter, don’t worry, because you’re not alone! In fact, roughly 2 out of every 3 Americans struggle with some kind of stomach issue, which means this time of year is […]

Staying Healthy During the Holidays: Holistic Wellness Guide

If you haven’t already been graced with a blanket of snow, let us be the first to tell you! Holiday season is officially here.  And with it, the myriad of unique stressors that family time, feasts, and unfettered socialization have to offer! Which means — if we’re hoping to survive this year’s inundation of Christmas […]

3 Digestion Support Supplements for Surviving the Holiday Season

We talk a lot about the importance of a varied, nutrient-dense diet here in this corner of the holistic wellness world.  But if we’re being totally honest — and we always are — comfort food will forever have a pizza of our hearts. It’s butter we acknowledge it now and taco about it rather than […]

Mastering Holistic Nutrition: Dr. Neal’s Top 5 Diet Guidelines

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so if ever there was a time to radically change your diet…Now is not it.  We repeat: Now is not the time to drastically alter your diet and eating habits.  If you were expecting this blog to be a diatribe on all the foods you should be cutting out, […]

3 Spooky Supplement Marketing Tactics Unmasked

Gather around girls, ghosts, and ghouls! Today were venturing to the dark side of the wellness world to celebrate the spookiest week of the year.  Because, if you ask us, there’s nothing scarier than the costumes we see cheap vitamins and bunk supplements skulking around in!  If our exposé on how environmental toxins affect your […]

Choose the Best Multivitamin Supplement: Dr. Neal’s Do’s and Don’ts

Okay, so, maybe you eat a few too many cookies and a few too few veggies on a regular basis. As long as you pop a multivitamin every day, you should be fine, right?  Wrong.  Multivitamins aren’t really the one-a-day space food that they’re made out to be. For all our advancements in the technological […]

Conquer the Common Cold Naturally: Holistic Tips for Cold Season

Picture this: It’s 2AM, you’re exhausted, and every time you start to slip off to sleep, that little tickle in your throat drags you back into the waking world just in time to…COUGH! That’s right, friends, cold and flu season is officially underway.  With the drop in temperatures comes a drop in immune system functioning […]

Raising Resilient Kids: 4 Holistic Wellness Practices for Children’s Health

Before we dive headfirst into spooky season, there’s another holiday, albeit sugar-free, that needs celebrating first.  National Children’s Health Day!  Though it came and went on the first Monday of this month, kids’ health is perennially important. Because, well, we talk a lot about how adults can restore and regain wellness, but wouldn’t it be […]

Probiotics Done Right: 3 Tips for Buying the Right Probiotic Supplement

They say if you can’t laugh at yourself, life just isn’t much fun. And you know what? We think the wellness industry could learn a thing or two about that!  We’ve been known to throw a few jabs at its expense — calling out snake oil salesmen, keeping it real about skeevy marketing tactics, et […]

Environment: How It Impacts Your Health and What to Do About It

Nothing lasts forever… Except for the phthalates and PFAS in your toilet paper, that is! Those are for keeps, according to the latest health scandal to rock the wellness scene.  Researchers brought the public’s attention to their porcelain thrones after discovering a disturbing number of PFAS — carcinogenic compounds that don’t break down — entering […]

Probiotics Unmasked: Dispelling 4 Common Misconceptions About Probiotics

Crack open a cold one, fellow wellness seeker! A cold kombucha, that is.  Today, we’re uncovering the facts about a health trend bandwagon that over a million people have jumped on — probiotics.  Like most ultra-popular vitamins, probiotic supplements are shrouded in myths, misconceptions, and marketing tactics. While it shouldn’t be our job, as consumers, […]

Debunking 5 MORE Omega-3 Supplement Myths

Yep, you read that title right! If the 5 omega-3 supplement myths we already debunked didn’t make a splash, the following 5 surely will.  But why is it that omega-3 supplements are surrounded by murky waters of misinformation in the first place? We took this humble inquiry to Woodstock Vitamins’ big fish and notorious boat […]

3 Natural Remedies for Sinus Issues

“Seasonal allergies” is a bit of a misnomer, isn’t it? Real sinus sufferers know that the battle against sniffles, sneezes, and wheezes is actually a year-round endeavor. But here’s the good news: If you’re sick of having a head full of bricks, a natural approach could be your key to fast-acting, long-term healing from sinus […]

The Holistic Standard: Dr. Neal’s Philosophy for Long-Term Health

In a fast-paced world where time is our most precious commodity, we often look for quick answers to deep-rooted health dilemmas.  Who can blame us?  We just wanna feel better without wasting the little free time we have scrolling through endless articles and ads for the secrets to long-term health. But when it comes to […]

Be Proactive: How Can Probiotics Improve Your Health? 

So. You had one too many hot dogs at the end-of-summer barbecue and now your tummy hurts.  While we do hope you’re not currently stuck on your aunt’s toilet as you’re reading this, we hope most of all that you know you’re not alone.  In fact, nearly 70 million people in America struggle with digestive […]

Ortho Molecular Products | Dr. Neal’s Brand Review

We modern humans spend our days wading through a sea of advertisements.  With glowing signs and quippy catchphrases littering nearly every corner of available public space, sifting through the clutter to find what actually works is no small feat.  Is it any wonder, then, that brand loyalty has become the leading currency, outweighing even the […]

Debunked: 5 Myths About Omega-3 Supplements

Did you know that fish-based omega-3 supplements can help you see underwater? Or that their heart-healthy benefits are enough to prevent cardiac arrest with no other lifestyle changes?  Or how about this one: Too much of an omega-3 supplement can make you develop scales and gills like the aquatic creatures from which it’s sourced. None […]

Choosing the Right Protein Supplement: 5 Questions to Ask

There are a lot of preconceived notions about us Americans out there — we love baseball, hot dogs, and the 4th of July. We’re individualistic workaholics with a penchant for fast food and controlling our own destinies. And, of course, we’re protein-crazed carnivores, gobbling up excessive amounts of red meat like it’s going out of […]

The Truth About Exercise: Ditch the Myths

Trying to avoid your medical practitioner? Don’t bother with apples, it’s 30 minutes a day that keeps the doctor away!  That’s right friends — today, we’re talking about the golden rule of holistic exercise. While half an hour of movement per day might not keep the doctor away forever, it will help keep your bod […]

Protein Supplements: Are You Getting Ripped Off?

Being a modern human is glamorous, isn’t it? Day to day, we juggle full-time work, family responsibilities, and (hopefully) social lives, all while desperately trying to grasp that elusive thing called “good health.” Suffice it to say, we’re spread a little thin. As a result, most of us don’t have the time or energy for […]

Sleep Better: B.S. Free Guide to Holistic Sleep Support

We live in a world that moves at a breakneck pace, with mind-boggling information and mind-numbing entertainment only milliseconds away at any given moment. (And now, the planet is actually, literally spinning faster to boot. Isn’t that fun?) How do we slow down? How do we turn it off? Well, most of us can’t. In […]

Alaskan Omega-3 Supplements: What Makes Them the Top Choice?

With the scorching summer sun beating down every day, wouldn’t it be nice to discover an accessible, anti-inflammatory remedy that cools and calms the body?  For that, we look to the sea! Or more specifically, to our iridescent friends who live in its waters, scaly and slippery alike.  That’s right folks, it’s yet another blog […]

How Protein Supplements Are Processed (Within an Inch of Their Lives)

Have you ever wondered if there was some magical elixir that could launch your so-so sense of health into the realm of greatness? If so, you’re not alone. Most of us spend our days feeling weighed down and worn down, looking for that missing puzzle piece to help us feel better and live better. The […]

Omega-3 Supplement Buying Guide: 3 Things to Look For

Have you caught wind of the magical potion from the ocean that’s sweeping the nation, boasting heart, skin, brain, and anti-inflammatory benefits? It might sound fishy, but unlike other viral vitamins and trending supplements, this one isn’t a red herring. Omega-3 fatty acids — derived from the scaly sealife of the deep blue — have […]

Omega-3 Supplements: Are They Worth the Hype?

When was the last time you scarfed down a (BPA-free) can of (wild-caught) sardines for breakfast? If it was any time in the last decade, then you can probably skip this blog. Chances are, you’re already getting your recommended intake of the fishy, fatty acid known as omega-3. But if you’re like us and can’t […]

Before Anything Else: The First 5 Steps of Your Wellness Journey

If you’re here reading this, then you’re probably ready — or at least almost ready — to take your first steps toward a healthier, happier self. As you gingerly set foot on this path of wellness, you could be on the precipice of a life-changing process…if you do it right. Isn’t it a bit terrifying, […]

5 Crucial Nutrients (Almost) All of Us Are Lacking

In a perfect world, our bodies would happily feast on a well-balanced diet, absorbing all the essential nutrients they need to function. But, let’s face it, reality often has other plans. Our chaotic contemporary lifestyles, filled with fast-and-easy, processed foods, can lead to malnourishment even on the best days. Hence, our obsession with the modern-day […]

The Wellness Pyramid: Your Roadmap to Holistic Health

Cultivating genuine wellness in our age of misinformation and digital clutter is like being stuck in a maze of supplements and snake oil salesmen. Around every corner, a cacophony of options, opinions, protocols, and self-proclaimed experts waits to chime in. It’s enough to make your head spin! So, when it comes to health, most people […]

Holistic Guide to the Dog Days of Summer

Y’all better be out there embracing the warmth of the sun and the vibrant energy of the season! Another Hot Girl Summer is here, which means it’s time for adventure, relaxation, and basking in the beauty of nature. But, as we embark on our summer escapades, we can’t forget how essential it is to prioritize […]

Men’s Health Month – Supplement Dosing for Whole-Body Harmony

Let’s cut to the chase: We’re all on a mission to level up our health game. And in our quest for genuine, long-term wellness, dietary supplements have become reliable companions — filling in those pesky nutritional gaps, boosting our vitality, and letting us live pretty cool lives. But misinformation and marketing tactics reign supreme in […]

Holistic Sinus Support: Dr. Neal’s Top Tips

Summer is nearly upon us, but for sufferers of sinus issues, it might as well be allergy season year-round.  Congestion, pressure, pain, swelling, inflammation… For a lot of us, these icky, irritating symptoms are just a regular part of life. Our options are:  But does it have to be like this? Are we doomed to […]

Men’s Health Supplements – The B.S. Free Version

June is Men’s Health Month, which means that gents, it’s your time to shine!  And shine you will, with a new firm grasp on strategic supplementation — freed from skeevy sales tactics and pigeonholed multivitamins that aren’t worth the convenience.  Men’s health is about more than chugging down supplements or hopping on the latest fad […]

Wellness Practices 101

It’s a wild world we live in, folks.  Our days are punctuated by meetings, news stories, natural disasters, traffic patterns, and the like. Is it any wonder, then, that most of us are stuck in survival mode?  We eat what’s quick, easy, and available. We sleep less than previous generations. We experience burnout and stress […]

Breaking the Stereotypes: Men’s Bone Health Matters Too!

National Bone Health Month is behind us, but don’t fret — when the clock strikes June, National Men’s Health Month begins! To bridge the gap between skeletal strategies and male machinery, we’re shedding light on a topic that often gets overshadowed — men’s bone health. Buckle up, because we’re about to debunk the myth that […]

Bones of Steel: Supplements for Bone Health (Besides Calcium)

Well folks, May is almost over, and with it, Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month. But don’t you worry, because around here, bone health is always in season. Why? Your skeleton is your foundation, your support system, and your bodyguard. It might not get as much hype as your immune system or heart health, but your […]

Bone-Afide Bone Building Wellness Practices 

May might be at its end, but National Bone Health and Osteoporosis Month is still going strong, folks!  And for good reason: Without our bones, we’d be nothing more than blobs on the ground. Not cute.  Well, maybe the blob life is a little cute, but it’s not a realistic goal for modern humans. Instead, […]

Prop 65: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The infamous Prop 65 has had supplement savants quivering their boots since its inception in the late 80s.  Short for the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, Prop 65 was passed as a California state law to address growing concerns about gross stuff sneaking into foods, drinks, supplements, cleaning solutions, etc.  The gross stuff […]

No, You Don’t Need a Vitamin K Supplement

Are you the kind of supplement nut that has a cabinet overflowing with vitamins, minerals, and herbs? Well then, we’ve got some bad news: Your Vitamin K isn’t worth the space it’s taking up.  That’s right, you read that correctly — you don’t actually need a Vitamin K supplement. Does that sound counterintuitive coming from […]

Breathe Easy with Sinus Blaster: Herbal Sinus Relief Solution

Sinus problems can be a real pain — metaphorically and literally! Don’t get us started on the challenge of finding the right herbal formulas for symptom relief, either. Throw in sinusitis, seasonal allergies, a cat fur attack, or just a stuffy nose, and that challenge becomes a Sisyphean task. That’s why we asked Dr. Neal […]

Vitamin D: Sunshine Supplement for Bones, Blood, and The Blues

May is more than just a time for blooming wildflowers and long sunny days, it’s also National Bone Health and Osteoporosis Prevention Month!  Is there any better time, then, to shed some light on the trending “sunshine vitamin” that’s also a powerful bone support supplement?  We think not!  Vitamin D has been making the rounds […]

Gut Health: Dr. Neal’s Secret Weapon – SBI Protect

Tired of feeling bloated, gassy, and overall uncomfortable after meals? Got a gut feeling that it’s time to take your digestive health to the next level?  Well then, fellow wellness fanatic, you’re in luck! Dr. Neal, Woodstock Vitamins founder and holistic pharmacist of 20 years, recently revealed his go-to, non-pharma tool for combatting tummy troubles. […]

Bone Health: Why We Always Recommend Calcium Hydroxyapatite

Anyone remember those once-hilarious, now-cringe “Got Milk?” ads that featured celebrities sporting milk mustaches to promote strong bones? Ah, those were the (pre-oat milk) days. Healthy bones are no joke though — except for your funny bone.  Thanks to some pretty powerful marketing campaigns like that one, most of us think of calcium as the […]

Calcium Doesn’t Work (Like You Think It Does)

Are we really kicking off National Bone Health and Osteoporosis Prevention Month with a clickbait title? Yes, we are!  Except, it’s not actually clickbait, though calcium has been a hot topic for a while now.  The mineral is popping off for good reason, as more than 40% of Americans are not meeting the requirements for […]

Guide to Spring Ebook: Say Goodbye to Springtime Woes

By now, you probably already know that spring is…a mixed bag.  On one hand, the air grows sweeter and warmer with each passing day. On the other, bugs and pests are emerging, allergens are swirling, and pesky, poisonous plants are, like the wildflowers, in bloom.  From bug sprays to histamine-blocking herbs, we’ve been sharing our […]

Supplement Expiration Dates: To Toss or Not to Toss

Hello there, fellow supplement enthusiasts! Today we’re tackling an issue that has plagued humanity since the dawn of time (or, you know, since the invention of supplements): to toss or not to toss expired vitamins. That is the question! It’s a dilemma that we’ve all faced. You come across a bottle of lord knows what […]

Supplement Spring Cleaning in 4 Simple Steps

Attention all vitamin hoarders! It’s that time of the year again when the birds chirp, flowers bloom, and your collection of allergy-busting supplements starts to resemble a hoarder’s stash. Get ready to face the music, because spring has finally arrived and it’s high time to declutter your supplement cabinet. Don’t worry, though, because you’re not […]

Bugging Out? Holistic Remedies for Treating Bug Bites and Natural Pest Management

Spring and summer are genuinely magical seasons full of endless possibilities…for allergies and discomfort, that is. Some days, all the fresh air and sunshine in the world can’t outweigh the sneezing fits and itchy bug bites.  But what’s more exciting than staying indoors all day to avoid the pollen and pests, right? At least you’ll […]

Allergy Support: The Ultimate Solution for Seasonal Allergies

Who doesn’t love spring? Maybe those with seasonal allergies that flair up with a vengeance as temperatures begin to rise… While this season was meant for enjoying longer days and warmer weather, tons of folks are tormented by itchy eyes and runny noses. If that’s you, you probably have a stockpile of allergy medication – […]

The Comprehensive Guide to Holistic Seasonal Allergy Treatment

After another seemingly endless winter, spring has arrived in all its glory! But with the long, luminous days, comes the onslaught of high winds, pollen clouds, and dust mites galore.  Hello, seasonal allergies, welcome back.  So while some are gearing up for the myriad of adventures the new season brings, others are stocking up on […]

Understanding The Different Types of Magnesium Supplements

Magnesium is all the rage these days. Whether on the advice of a trusted professional, the recommendation of a friend, or on the strength of really effective marketing, people all across the country are happily and confidently using magnesium supplements.  The problem is most of those magnesium supplements are failing them in a big way.  […]

Why Our Collagen Peptides is Vital

Supplement trends and fads almost never pan out. Collagen, though, is a fantastic exception to that rule. That doesn’t mean it is the magical, skin-tightening, fountain-of-youth-in-a-powder that the wellness industry likes to hype it up as, though. Collagen is so great. So much so, Dr. Neal formulated his own and made the Woodstock Vitamins Collagen […]

Multivitamin Lineup: Comparing Our Top Multivitamins

Here at Woodstock Vitamins, Dr. Neal’s supplement strategy concept serves as our guiding philosophy — and not just because the wellness wisecracker is our founder! This strategic approach is key for wellness seekers who don’t want to waste time or money on their health journey. The Vital5, a humble yet essential quintet of nutrients, is […]

3 Great Sleep Supplements — And 2 to Avoid

One of the biggest health concerns our customers share with us here at Woodstock Vitamins is that they’re struggling with poor sleep. Sleep is a crucial aspect of a healthy life, and makes up one of the five lifestyle domains in my Wellness Pyramid — a visual representation of daily wellness practices that directly impact […]

Welcome to Woodstock Vitamins 2.0

Dr. Neal here — I’m THRILLED to announce Woodstock Vitamins Version 2.0! Many of you have been with me through the long journey to this point. A brief background (if you’re new or it’s been so long you’ve forgotten): 10 years ago I wanted to strengthen the supplement and wellness portion of my business and […]