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Welcome to Woodstock Vitamins 2.0

Dr. Neal here — I’m THRILLED to announce Woodstock Vitamins Version 2.0!

Many of you have been with me through the long journey to this point. A brief background (if you’re new or it’s been so long you’ve forgotten): 10 years ago I wanted to strengthen the supplement and wellness portion of my business and create a separate brand. LOTS of distractions later, including a 3 year “pause” as I became a “COVID Buster” we are finally here.

And we’re here with a renewed energy and razor-sharp focus.

Woodstock Vitamins is my professional future, and much will be unfolding over the next 12 months.  We’ll discuss the plans for the future of our products, quality, and research in another post.  Today we’ll go over what’s new (and better!) about the Woodstock Vitamins online experience.

In This Article:

New Platform

We’re here on a new ecommerce platform, one that is MUCH more customizable and easier to work with. This platform will hopefully be FASTER, cleaner, sleeker, and optimized for the mobile device so many of you are using to check us out.

As you can see, we’ve also implemented a new design—a new, refreshed look—for the site. But most importantly, we’ll be able to roll out changes, updates, and cool stuff quicker and easier.

A Personalized Approach

In the past, we took an information-first and information-heavy approach.  Lots of blogs. Lots of very long blogs.  We gave advice, but you were kinda on your own.

Now, we’re all in on a people-first in our approach.

Yes, there will still be lots of educational blogs, but we’re going to make finding products simpler than ever.  Our focus, though, isn’t “shopping” — it’s finding the right products for YOU in the easiest possible manner.

I decided (after all these years) that what we have to offer the world outside of Woodstock is EXACTLY the experience people get inside our practice in Woodstock:

  • Quick, easy access to experts, including licensed healthcare professionals.
  • Guided shopping, where we greet you “at the door,” answer your questions, and find the right product *and plan* for you.
  • Honest advice, where we’re not afraid to say “That product isn’t right for you,” even if it means we don’t make the sale.

How do we make that old-fashioned, customer-service-first approach happen in a digital world? There are three components: Counterside Consults, Support From an Actual Person, and Guided Browsing.

Counterside Consults

Our new “Counterside Consults” facet of Woodstock Vitamins will be a virtual face-to-face meeting or phone call where you can speak to one of our experts about your specific problem. Scheduled time, free of charge and free of interruptions.

We’ll answer questions on what we consider the best omega-3, or which probiotic is right for you, or if you even need a multivitamin.

And, we can help you build a plan to manage a health problem holistically. Joint pain? Sleep problems? Need to manage your weight? We can give you a wellness roadmap, using my Wellness Pyramid as a model of true holistic care.

Finally, you can spend time with me building out a Supplement Strategy. “What supplements should I use, and when? Am I getting the right dose? Am I taking the wrong things?” Your unique Supplement Strategy, created with the help of our experts, will ensure your supplement “stack” stacks up against the science and your individual needs.

Book a Counterside Consult to learn more now.

Support from an Actual Person

Here’s the top of our Support Page, in case you haven’t seen it yet:

Woodstock Vitamins support is tended to by a real human. Text reads: Support; Talk to a Human; Chat Now with a message icon; Call now with a phone icon - phone number: 845-521-7455; Email now with an envelope icon - email:

We want you to be able to ask us questions and get nearly immediate answers. From an actual living (and knowledgeable) human.  We have dedicated support staff answering calls, emails, and chat messages around the clock.

Except not really around the clock — we are real people, so we don’t work 24/7 here at Woodstock Vitamins.

I’m kind of against that. We all need time off.

But if you need help after hours, we have a lot of great resources on our humble blog and we’ve also trained our little chatbot a few tricks. Check with the chat window after hours to get detailed answers and expect to see more detailed information as we continue learning what people need the most help with! We’re always growing.

We’re available 6 days a week, from 9-6pm. If you catch us after hours, a real person will respond to you as quickly as possible, usually first thing the next business day.

Guided Shopping

“What’s the best thing for gut health?”
“How do I manage inflammation?”
“What should I take for immune support?”

We’re creating customized, guided shopping based on my years of experience and most common recommendations.

Sample of Woodstock Vitamin's Guided Health Concern Shopping.

If you have a health concern, check out the “shop by health concern” section of the store for products AND the advice I normally give. Pair this with a Counterside Consult or Support from a Real Person, and you’re sure to have an AMAZING online wellness experience.

Woodstock Vitamins Rewards are a BILLION Times Better

Rewards are so much simpler now. Redeem your points at checkout and get the discount IMMEDIATELY.

See Your Point Balance and Redeem During Checkout

Rewards Points and Redemption at Checkout

Your Rewards Discount is Automatically Applied

Redeemed Rewards Points During Checkout

This, alone, is totally worth the switch. Right?

Everyone migrating from our old online shop will have all of their points transferred automatically.  We even combed through unclaimed coupons and applied them back to your account.  You may be in for a BIG surprise (and discount) when you visit your Account again.

Earn Points for More Than Purchases

You can get points for lots of things here at the new Woodstock Vitamins!

Ways to Earn Rewards Points

  • Make purchases
  • Refer a friend
  • Subscribe to our newsletter
  • Follow us on Facebook or Instagram
  • Review your purchased products
  • Celebrate a birthday
  • And more will be added as we go!

When you create an account with Woodstock Vitamins, you get automatically enrolled in our Rewards program. Even if you checkout as a guest, you get ALL your earned Rewards Points when you create an account using the same email!

Where do you see all your reward details? The new My Account page!

Updated My Account Page

Woodstock Vitamins website page, "Update my account settings."

Personally, I think this is the “coolest” new feature: the My Account Page.

Here, you can update all of your account info, including your username, password, address, saved payment methods, and more.

You can see your Rewards History and learn more about all the ways you can earn points.

You can see what products you can review to get more Rewards Points.

Plus, you can view your order history, and you can quickly reorder any of your most recent purchases.

The best part?  Everyone gets their own Wellness Warrior avatar!

Customize your profile, including your avatar, by visiting the My Account page.

New and Improved…And This is Just the Beginning!

Nothing makes us happier than seeing you here at Woodstock Vitamins for our updated shopping experience.

We’re excited for a “fresh start.” We’re rolling out new features each week, so stay tuned for those updates.

For now, reach out to us! Let’s review your supplement regimen and wellness goals, and get you a fresh start with your health!


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