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The five nutrients to optimize—
before considering any other.

What Supplement Should I Take?

In his Woodstock, NY practice, Dr. Neal Smoller was asked this question day in, and day out.

People were searching for a single magic pill that would optimize their health, or at least get them started.

Neal began researching: what are the nutrients we actually are lacking? What supplements could help us on our best path?

He found there was no single pill, of course, but five categories of nutrients that, when optimized, will remarkably improve one’s health.

He called these the Vital Five.

What are the Vital Five?

The Vital Five are:



Bone Support


Multivitamin & Multiminerals

Why are they Vital?

Neal, in his pursuit of setting a new, higher standard of advice and quality in wellness, established a set of science-based criteria for measuring all supplements against. to determine if they are Vital.

A supplement or nutrient is Vital, if:

1. It is lacking from our diets, even among the healthiest eaters
2. It has impact on not just one, but multiple body systems
3. It is backed by some of the best science available for supplements or nutrients

Vital Five nutrients should come from our diet, but often are best supplemented, as it is more cost-effective and simpler.

A Closer Look at the Vital Five

Each Vital Five nutrient can benefit in different ways. Let’s briefly explore each, and highlight Dr. Neal’s top choice supplement within each category.


High dose EPA and DHA, key Omega-3 fatty acids, benefit brain health, joint health, eye health, heart health, and much more.

Dr. Neal’s Pick: Alaskan Omega 900
● Sustainable manufactured
● Processed for purity
● Concentrated EPA and DHA
● Of the best value high dose Omega-3 on the market

For Vegans, consider Marine DHA


Support a healthy microbiome, which new research shows benefit beyond the GI tract: immune health, brain health, mood, and more.

Dr. Neal’s Pick: Probiotic Complete
● Four of the most studied strains
● Guaranteed potent thru expiration, without refrigeration!
● 30 billion CFU
● Dollar for dollar the best value probiotic

Probiotic Complete is suitable for vegans.

Bone Support

Calcium, Vitamin D, and other bone health nutrients are difficult to come by in most diets, but optimizing them impacts bones and beyond.

Dr. Neal’s Pick: Calcium Hydroxyapatite and Vitamin D3 2000 IU
● Highly bioavailable form of calcium
● Properly dosed: hit daily targets without fear of excess calcium
● Absorbable, affordable, well formulated Vitamin D

For Vegans, consider Calcium Magnesium Powder and Vegan D3


Adequate, quality protein consumption pays off with muscle building, but also maintaining healthy weight, energy, hair, skin, and nails, gait and stability, and more.

Dr. Neal’s Pick: Collagen Peptides
● Sustainable sourced and manufactured
● Pure and potent
● Tasteless and easily mixable

For Vegans, consider Complete Plant Protein


Every day we must consumer micronutrients from fresh foods like fruits and vegetables, and if we are deficient, we run the risk of impacting nearly every body system.

A multivitamin, formulated correctly, is an easy mechanism to insure against what Dr. Neal calls “diseases of deficiency.”

Dr. Neal’s Pick: Coenzyme Multi
● Proper nutrient forms
● Intelligently dosed to prevent excess levels
● An amazing value

For Vegans, consider Vital Greens and Reds

Already take one or more of the Vital Five?

Want to be sure you’re optimizing each nutrient? Unsure if you need one ore more Vital nutrient?


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