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Woodstock Vitamins is pushing the quality standard higher — leading by example and educating the public in a way that the “natural health” industry won’t.

We're More Than A Supplement Brand


Hi, I’m Dr. Neal Smoller. I’m a holistic pharmacist, “supplement strategist,” and founder of Woodstock Vitamins.

Woodstock Vitamins is an answer to thousands of health and wellness questions my customers have brought me over the last decade in my holistic pharmacy.

When I opened Village Apothecary in Woodstock, NY in 2010, I wanted to do more than fill prescriptions.

I wanted to offer my community sound advice on preventing disease and managing health holistically, through diet, stress management, better sleep, exercise, and yes, nutritional supplements.

My holistic focus meant dealing with a deeply flawed supplement industry that puts company sales and ROI over customer safety and results. 

The standards for supplement manufacturing and marketing are dangerously loose, even for scientifically backed, highly potent natural medicines. Every day, people buy—and ingest—unchecked natural substances that can be at best ineffective, and at worst, harmful.

Fortunately, it’s in my nature to challenge the status quo. Over the last 13+ years, I’ve dedicated my career to understanding the science behind how, when, and if supplements work. I share that knowledge to help my customers navigate the chaos, advocating for the industry AND calling it on its B.S.

Woodstock Vitamins is about pushing the standards for quality higher and educating people in a way that the “natural health” industry won’t. 

Today, is the digital version of walking into my pharmacy in Upstate New York. Customers get free personalized holistic care, 1:1 pharmacist guidance, vetted wellness resources, and a highly curated selection of products that meet my strict Supplement Quality Standard for science, compliance, virtues and value.

The Supplement Industry Needs a Little Woodstock.

We’re supplement industry advocates. We need to fix the problems of supplement quality, so all of us who love and are passionate about natural products can use them efficiently and with confidence.

The supplement industry needs someone speaking out against the poor quality products and not-so-sciencey recommendations being made by so many charlatans.

We’re happy you’ve found us.

We’re here to help you build a supplement strategy, based on science, using the best quality products.

Woodstock Vitamins is wellness with integrity for people who want to get the most out of their health.



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