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About Dr. Neal Smoller

Dr. Neal Smoller, PharmD is a pharmacist, supplement strategist, and “medical mythbuster” who simplifies the science of true holistic health so regular people can make confident decisions and get better results.

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We all want to live our healthiest lives

We know the key, supplemented nutrients can help us prevent disease, live longer, and look and feel great doing it.

But it feels like there’s no adult in the room when it comes to choosing and using supplements. Shelves and websites are overflowing with products at all pricepoints, and there’s no way to tell if what we’re buying and using is right for our bodies, if we’re taking the right amount to actually matter, or how pure the ingredients are.

At best, that’s wasteful; at worst, it’s dangerous.

We know one thing for sure: trial and error—and a splash of internet research and a prayer—seems to be the only method for evaluating one bottle over another.

It’s time to stop shopping and start strategizing.

We need to include supplements as part of an individualized, holistic health plan that prioritizes goals, safety and results over marketing gimmicks, pricepoints, and blind brand loyalty.

That’s why Dr.Neal lends his pharmacist brain to the supplement game, providing objective information, accessible resources, and quality products to help people become savvy customers, educated patients, and passionate advocates for their own holistic health.

Dr.Neal’s Holistic Standard is his methodology for true holistic care, supplement quality, and making change that lasts. He’s built this system and refined it over 15 years, interacting and advising 10s of thousands of people in his community practice.

Now, his brain and passion for practicing “Wellness with Integrity” has led to the creation of Woodstock Vitamins. More than a supplement brand, it’s the expression of his life’s work and what he believes is the new standard of care in the wellness industry.

Dr. Neal is a

  • Practicing pharmacist and owner of independent pharmacy Village Apothecary in the most famous small town in the world, Woodstock, NY
  • Husband to super-pharmacist and all around Wonder Woman, Erin
  • Father to TRIPLETS. Two girls and one boy wasn’t enough, so Neal and Erin added a younger sister to the mix. Bigger is better, right?
  • Jack-of-all-trades, having practiced nearly every kind of pharmacy:
    • Chain pharmacy
    • Hospital pharmacy
    • Consulting pharmacy
    • Clinical pharmacy
    • And he’s even been a college professor of pharmacology!
  • Stickler for regulations 🙂 He developed and owned one of New York’s first nationally accredited compounding pharmacy
  • “COVID Hero,” after becoming nationally one of the top immunizing pharmacy practices in the country

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