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Alaskan Omega-3 Supplements: What Makes Them the Top Choice?

With the scorching summer sun beating down every day, wouldn’t it be nice to discover an accessible, anti-inflammatory remedy that cools and calms the body? 

For that, we look to the sea! Or more specifically, to our iridescent friends who live in its waters, scaly and slippery alike. 

That’s right folks, it’s yet another blog on the wonders of fish-derived omega-3 fatty acids.

Dr. Neal — holistic pharmacist of 20 years and wellness wisecracker — already shared the inside scoop on the verified benefits of omega-3 and how to pick the best option from the inundated supplement aisle. 

So, today, we’re putting the big fish himself on the stand to see how his Alaskan omega-3 formula stacks up to our notoriously meticulous standards. (Spoiler alert: It rocks. We wouldn’t carry it if it didn’t.) 

Read on, fellow health fanatic, for the low down on why this specific omega-3 supplement is the best when it comes to price, purity, and performance. 

In This Article:

How to Find the Best Omega-3 Supplement: 3 Things to Know 

But before we dive in — if you accidentally missed this handy article on the quality markers of omega-3 supplements, you’re in luck. We’re sharing Dr. Neal’s investigation strategy for sussing out the top options from the well-branded snake oils again for you:

1. Dose: Make sure you’re getting the right dose without overpaying. Are you hitting 3,000mg — the optimal dose of omega-3s (ALA, EPA, and DHA) — in one or two servings? Or do you have to take 20 capsules to hit that target? 

2. Gross: Make sure you’re not just falling for good branding. Is the omega-3 supplement tested for heavy metals and other contaminants? Is it engineered and shipped to prevent rancidity? Does it contain unnecessary fillers or additives? 

3. Host: Make sure you’re buying from a reputable and transparent company. Does the manufacturer provide information on contaminant testing and refinement processes? Do they prioritize environmentally sustainable practices? 

We love this rhyming mnemonic because, call us crazy, we believe that wellness seekers deserve to know exactly what they’re getting from their supplements

Transparency might be controversial in our age of fishy sales tactics and virtually nonexistent industry regulations, but that’s okay, we like to rock the boat. 

Alaskan Omega-3 Supplement Dose: How Does it Compare? 

And we’re not ones to just talk the talk, either — that’s why we’re breaking down the nitty-gritty details of Dr. Neal’s Alaskan omega-3 formula starting with dose and price.


  • 900mg+ of EPA and DHA fatty acids
  • Quick-release formula designed for optimal absorption

This formula contains close to 1,000mg of omega-3s per capsule, making it one of the highest doses available on the market. While it’s true we want to hit closer to 3,000mg of EPA and DHA per day, we also want to be able to customize our daily dosage to account for food intake.

(You know, because if you have fish for lunch, you probably don’t need to supplement a full 3,000mg.)

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  • $0.49-$1.49 per day

At its current listing price, our Alaskan omega-3 supplement comes in at just under $0.50 per capsule. If your supplement intake is balanced with nutrient-dense dietary choices, you’ll likely only need 1-2 capsules per day.

Price-wise, that balances out to $0.49-$0.99 per day, $1.49/day maximum, if supplementing the full 3,000mg dose.

Which doesn’t mean much, unless you look at other popular options for omega-3 supplements, like this one:

We won’t name names because hot girls don’t tear down other supplement manufacturers, but we will point out a few, simple facts.

  1. This supplement does list EPA and DHA content, which puts it ahead of the average, but to get the recommended dose of EPA and DHA in one serving of this omega-3 supplement, you’d need to take almost 5 capsules — 4.7 to be exact.
  2. With 90 capsules included at its current list price, this supplement works out to be $2.60 per day if supplementing the full 3,000mg dose.

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Alaskan Omega-3 Supplement Grossness: How Icky Is It? 

Then comes the gross factors, namely: contaminant content, rancidity, and weird filler ingredients.

Contaminant Content

  • Third-party tested for heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins, and other contaminants

Because, like everything we pull from the ocean, fish absorb the pollution, plastic, and other putrid things that we humans dump into the sea. Even the highest-quality fish oil supplements on the market will contain some degree of heavy metals, for example, so the concern is more about regular product testing than anything else.

Each and every one of our Alaskan omega-3 formula batches are manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility and put through rigorous third-party tests. Every. Single. One.

And yes, we’re IFOS approved!

The International Fish Oil Standards Program (IFOS) is an independent testing and certification program for fish oils that has set the highest standards for purity, effectiveness and freshness worldwide.


  • Addressed through a proprietary oil-refinement method

Because, if you scroll through the reviews of popular omega-3 supplements — especially from Amazon — you’ll notice one thing that most of them have in common…Consumers repeatedly complain about receiving omega-3 capsules that have melted and stuck together, stink to high heaven, or turn sour after a week.


It’s likely this is happening because these supplements have been sitting in a rank warehouse for several months before being loaded up on a hot box truck for your doorstep delivery. Yuck.

Avoid the grossness, and avoid wasting money on an oil that won’t last — our Alaskan omega-3 supplement is designed specifically for extended shelf life.

Weird Ingredients

  • None

We could list a number of top brands here, pointing out the fillers (like corn and soy compounds) and flavors (that mask the scent and taste of rancidity) included in their popular omega-3 supplements, but we’re not quite that petty.

Instead, here’s a simple yet illustrative list of all the things our Alaskan omega-3 supplement doesn’t contain:

  • Wheat, gluten, or yeast
  • Corn
  • Dairy products
  • Soy protein
  • Shellfish
  • Peanuts or tree nuts
  • Eggs
  • GMO ingredients
  • Artificial colors, flavors
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Artificial preservatives

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Alaskan Omega-3 Supplement Manufacturing: How Does Woodstock Do It? 

We’ve already bragged enough about our manufacturing standards in the gross section, so we’ll keep this bit brief.


  • Wild-caught fish sources
  • IFOS approved

On the earth side of things — our Alaskan omega-3 supplement is made from sustainably sourced, wild-caught fish through a verified, traceable, and IFOS-approved process.

Why? Well, overfishing continues to threaten the health of our environment by driving down the amount of carbon sequestered in the ocean.

And if we’re completely honest, we’d really like to continue enjoying the ocean and our healthy, happy lives on Earth. Hence why the longevity of both our planet and our community of fisheries remain at the forefront of our manufacturing process.

Omega-3 Processing

  • Minimally processed, distilled, cold-pressed
  • Manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility with the lowest TOTOX on the market

And what does this bizarre acronym mean, you may ask? TOTOX stands for total oxidation value and is generally considered to have an inverse relationship with the quality of an oil product. AKA: The lower the TOTOX value, the better the oil.

It’s the process of oxidation that leads to the aquatic aftertaste of lower-quality omega-3 supplements, and even the dreaded fishy burps.

Supplement Omega-3 Strategically

If you made it this far, then we should add a little caveat: You don’t have to choose Dr. Neal’s top-rated Alaskan omega-3 supplement.

We think you should, obviously, but as long as your omega-3 supplement is the right dose of EPA and DHA, regularly and rigorously tested for toxins, priced appropriately, and sustainably sourced you’ll be in good shape.

Just let us know if you find one that ticks all those boxes besides ours — we’re still on the hunt.

And in the meantime: Catch up on the mind-boggling and brain-boosting benefits of omega-3 supplements here, if you missed them, or hop on a free Counterside Consult for expert guidance on your fish oil journey.


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