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Holistic Sinus Support: Dr. Neal’s Top Tips

Summer is nearly upon us, but for sufferers of sinus issues, it might as well be allergy season year-round. 

Congestion, pressure, pain, swelling, inflammation… For a lot of us, these icky, irritating symptoms are just a regular part of life. Our options are: 

  1. Live with the symptoms of sinus inflammation — runny noses and all. 
  2. Take over-the-counter medications, and then live with the side effects — zombie-level grogginess and all.

But does it have to be like this? Are we doomed to sniffle and sneeze our way through life!? 

We took these lamentations to Dr. Neal, Woodstock Vitamins founder and holistic pharmacist of 20 years, as we always do when a pressing health concern pops up. 

Here’s the good news: a holistic approach to sinus support that tackles root causes and incorporates lifestyle changes can, well, change your life

So, if you’ve been sniffing around for natural options to manage sinus issues and get long-term relief, read on! Wellness practices, natural supplements, herbal allies, and more from the Wellness Wizard himself await below. 

In This Article:

What does holistic sinus support entail?

The word “holistic” gets a bad rap these days. 

Depending on what circles you run in, you can bump into any number of misconceptions about holistic health: Some people think it’s synonymous with homeopathic (it’s not), or that holistic practitioners are anti-medicine (they’re not). 

Others think holistic health is just some newfangled trend for new-age hippies — those people are half right. The hippies have taken hold, but holistic wellness practices and health sciences have been around for ages. 

Let’s cut through the clutter, then, and get to the heart of the word holistic.

Holistic = whole picture. 

That’s it. That’s the whole deal. Holistic means whole picture, whole person, whole enchilada.

So when you come to us with chronically stuffed-up nasal passages and sinus headaches, we’re not going to offer you a band-aid — metaphorically or literally.

We — or more accurately, Dr. Neal — will look at your whole being to address underlying causes of health issues, rather than just treating the symptoms.

How to Approach Sinus Issues Holistically

One fairly obvious prerequisite to the whole-enchilada approach for sinus issues, then, is getting informed on the causes of congestion and discomfort — namely, allergies, inflammation, and infections.

Learn More: The Comprehensive Guide to Holistic Seasonal Allergy Treatment

Then, by addressing each trigger naturally and holistically, we can banish the short-term sniffles and reach long-term relief. Translation? Fewer sinus infections, less reliance on over-the-counter medications, and a better quality of life overall.

The core tenets of Dr. Neal‘s holistic sinus support protocol are: lifestyle changes, data-backed supplements, and essential oils — all deployed safely and strategically.

Lifestyle Changes for Healing Sinus Issues Holistically

Seasoned readers will recognize these lifestyle changes as being derived from the bottom tier of Dr. Neal’s Wellness Pyramid — AKA, the framework for holistic health. 

Built on the foundation of lifestyle domains, the Wellness Pyramid doesn’t glamorize healing journeys. Rather, it acknowledges the fact that genuine wellness is established in the mundane routines of our everyday lives — food, sleep, exercise, stress management

It might not be the sexiest or most sensational path, but it is the one that leads to sustainable change and long-term well-being. Which is what we’re all looking for, right? 

Staying Hydrated

When you feel like you’re drowning in snot, your first thought might not be to drink more water, but it should be! 

Staying properly hydrated throughout your entire day can thin out mucus and promote healthy sinus drainage — instead of sticking around in your airways, that slimy sludge will be on its merry way. 

Protecting Your Lungs

Smoking, as cool as it may make us look, is really not cool for your lungs. 

Cut back on the ‘bac and avoid exposure to secondhand smoke to reduce lung and sinus irritation that worsens symptoms. 

Getting Enough Sleep

Hate it break it to you, but it’s time to break the late-night doom-scrolling habit.  

Your immune system needs a solid 7-9 hours of sleep to do its job properly. Its key tasks are balancing inflammation and fighting off infections — two underlying causes of sinus issues. 

Reducing Stress Levels

And speaking of, proper immune system functioning and reduced stress levels go hand-in-hand. 

However stress reduction looks for you, do it. Whether it’s yoga, pranayama, dancing, or connecting with loved ones — prioritize it like your life depends on it, because it does. 

Keeping Sinuses Moist

See a pattern forming, yet? Your sinuses need moisture to function like you need coffee in the morning. 

The simple solution is to stick a humidifier in your room to prevent your sinuses from drying out overnight. Add a few strategic drops of the essential oils listed below if you want to habit-stack like a pro. 

Natural Remedies and Supplements for Holistic Sinus Support

After you’ve moistened your canals — and shuddered over the word moist at least a dozen times — it’s time to climb the next tier of the Wellness Pyramid

AKA Strategic supplement use

Our #1 Supplement Choice for Sinus Relief: Allergy Support

Dr. Neal first formulated the now-notorious Allergy Support blend after hearing patients from all walks of life complain about seasonal allergies and sinus woes again and again and again and…again.

These days, it’s the first thing to fly off the shelves when spring hits! And for good reason, too. The comprehensive formula of food and herbal compounds is designed to both prevent and relieve sinus discomfort while boosting your immune system simultaneously.

Allergy Support is our go-to for natural, non-drowsy blends because it acts as a protector and a healer — not just a band-aid.

The active ingredients in the Allergy Support formula are well-known stars in the sinus and allergy realms — like quercetin, stinging nettle, NAC, bromelain, and rutin — but most folks are taking them as isolated compounds.

So we tend to prefer the Allergy Support blend to taking a bazillion different herbs and minerals, but if that’s not your jam — keep scrolling! We’ve got more sidekick supplement recommendations for targeted holistic sinus support below.


Quercetin, which is often paired with the herbal ally known as stinging nettle, is a powerhouse flavonoid with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

It’s found in many common fruits and vegetables, too, so you know it’s good. Remember all the bitter, white, stringy bits we’ve discarded from an orange peel over the years? That pithy substance is made of flavonoids!

Aim for a daily dose of 500mg.

N-acetylcysteine (NAC)

This essential amino acid has mucolytic properties — pretty cool right?!

Okay, we’ll translate: having mucolytic properties means it can break up mucus in the sinuses, lungs, and other nooks and crannies. This demolishing of stagnant mucus will then release a flood of drainage-induced relief.

Aim for a daily dose of 600-1,200mg

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, the OG of immune nutrients, gets its clout from being a powerful antioxidant that can boost multiple bodily symptoms. 

It does so by neutralizing free radicals in the body — the little rascals that can overwhelm our organs and lead to oxidative stress. 

Aim for a daily dose of 500-1,000mg. 

Essential Oils

Humidifier owners — this is your moment. 

Dr. Neal’s top three essential oils for reducing sinus pressure, alleviating pain, and breaking up mucus parties are: peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree. 

Peppermint — The volatile oils from this mint plant have a cooling effect that can alleviate sinus pain and congestion. 

Eucalyptus — This oil has anti-inflammatory and decongestant constituents that can calm sinus inflammation and ship off that mucus to Timbuktu. 

Tea Tree — Tea tree oil is an antibacterial and anti-fungal force of nature, known for preventing sinus infections and defending the immune system against bacteria. 

Add a few drops of these essential oils to your humidifier, or inhale ‘em straight from the bottle. But first, make sure you get your essential oils from a high-quality source, okay?

Pro Tips for Safely Incorporating Holistic Strategies into Your Routine

Yes, it’s true, even natural and holistic healing tools can have dangerous implications if not used properly. So before you dive in – grab your floaties, salute the lifeguard, and test the water:

  • Talk to your physician, a healthcare professional, or a naturopathic doctor before starting a new herbal protocol or natural supplement.
  • Follow dosage instructions to a T! Do not exceed recommended dosages, no matter how tempting it may be.
  • If you experience adverse effects — stop taking the supplement, drop the remedy, and roll on over to your healthcare professional.
  • Research and be aware of any potential interactions that these supplements or natural options could have with your current medications.

And, if you want even more nitty-gritty details on holistic sinus support, hop on a free Counterside Consult for direct guidance through your journey to a sniffle-free life.


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