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Why Our Collagen Peptides is Vital

Supplement trends and fads almost never pan out. Collagen, though, is a fantastic exception to that rule.

That doesn’t mean it is the magical, skin-tightening, fountain-of-youth-in-a-powder that the wellness industry likes to hype it up as, though.

Collagen is so great. So much so, Dr. Neal formulated his own and made the Woodstock Vitamins Collagen Peptides his top choice for omnivore protein supplementation. But there’s more to know about the illustrious powder than you might think.

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Collagen Basics

Collagen is a protein. It’s different from other proteins like those found in nuts, chicken, or eggs, though.

It’s the main structural protein in humans, animals, bugs, and more!

Collagen has a unique mix of amino acids, which results in a unique shape. The unique shape allows it to be used as a source for all the structures in your body: cells, skin, joints, gut lining, hair, and more.

The Collagen Benefits

Our founder, Dr. Neal, has identified protein as one of his Vital5 nutrients.

The rhetoric is that “Americans eat enough protein.” And this may be true on a broad scale, but in his experience, most individual people aren’t aware of their daily protein requirements, and most people consulting with him take less than their required amount.

Divide your weight by 2.2. That number is a great approximation for how many grams of protein you should eat in a day.

Collagen is an awesome way to crush those protein goals. Plus, it has the added benefit of helping your gut health.

Smaller studies of collagen supplementation (compared against conventional proteins) in athletes have also shown a benefit for joint health, too.

Of course, folks gobble down collagen in hopes of having healthier hair, skin, and nails. If we look at the data, collagen doesn’t provide any advantage over other proteins for this benefit… but it still helps. Part of the reason for poor hair, skin, or nail health is because of a deficiency of protein in the diet. Collagen peptide supplementation can close any nutrient gaps in protein intake.

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How to Get the Best Quality Collagen

Buying collagen is way more complicated than it should be, mostly because of the popularity of the product being met by the weak regulations of the supplement industry.

We have a few general rules that follow Dr. Neal’s Supplement Quality Standard:

  1. Make sure the brand is compliant with manufacturing rules. This will ensure the product is actually collagen (a real problem!) and contamination doesn’t exist.

    Remember, collagen is animal-based, and animals eat the grass and drink our water, and therefore will be exposed (unfortunately) to things like heavy metals. Some heavy metal content will be unavoidable.

    Transparency should be the goal and the pursuit of the best-in-class manufactured product
  2. Popular collagen brands are often owned by mega-corporations, and they probably have engaged in some general crimes against humanity at one point, or super often.

    Collagen is sourced from chicken, beef, and fish, so the practices of the farm and raw material suppliers should be ethical and sustainable.

    Make sure the virtues of the brand align with your vision for a sustainable world.
  3. Don’t overpay. A quality beef-based collagen is your best value, at less than 10 cents per gram of protein.

    Chicken or fish collagen are other options, but are often more expensive per gram of collagen, with no added clinical advantage.

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Can I Buy a Vegan Collagen?

If a company is selling a “collagen booster” or a “plant-based” or “vegan” collagen, run. They’re being deceptive in their marketing.

Collagen only comes from animals, period.

Those “boosters” are essentially just overpriced Vitamin C supplements. Extra vitamins that are found in the collagen synthesis pathway will NOT increase the amount of collagen your body will make.

If you are not into animal-based products, you will not be able to get any collagen. Sorry. But, you can utilize plant-based protein supplements to augment your diet and often get many of the benefits of collagen supplementation, minus the gut help.

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Incorporating Collagen Peptides Into Your Daily Nutrition

We recommend our Woodstock Vitamins Collagen Peptides as your ideal collagen supplement. Duh.

Anyone at any age can use collagen on a daily basis. It can be done on its own, mixed with water, or put into a smoothie as a healthy protein for a snack or meal replacement.

We recommend people start with no more than the single serving size of 18g of collage peptide (a single scoop of our product) per day. This can be split up to two times a day; half-scoop in the morning, half-scoop in the afternoon for example.

Collagen peptides mix well with water, but it should be noted that collagen is its “happiest” in warm liquids; it mixes super fast in tea, coffee, or soups. It doesn’t mean you can’t use a cold drink, it just means that if you do, you have to mix well!

Remember, collagen IS a protein, and supplementing both whey and collagen is generally unnecessary.

Take collagen peptides for a great protein supplementation with the added benefit of supporting digestive health. Use it as a protein source in a shake or smoothie for a meal replacement or a healthy pre- (or post!) workout snack.

  1. Grab some Woodstock Vitamins Collagen Peptides
  2. Start with 1 scoop daily. Either all at once or split up in two parts at different times of the day (breakfast and afternoon snack, for example)
  3. Mix your collagen with coffee, water, almond milk, your smoothie, or any of your healthy beverages.
  4. Be wow-ed by the benefits.

What Can I Expect from Collagen Peptides?

Part of a great Supplement Strategy is setting proper expectations. Will you have luscious, blond hair a few days after taking it? No, and especially not if you are a brunette.

You’ll feel better with extra protein in your day. At mealtime, you’ll feel more satiated and less hungry. After a couple of days, your overall well-being will change just by meeting your protein goals.

After a few days to a week, folks with common GI discomfort report feeling more settled.

The benefit to our hair, skin, or nails comes with consistent use. We should expect to notice an improvement in no sooner than 90 days, but we really need to give it a full 180 days to see the benefit.

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Collagen Peptides is Vital

When starting on a wellness journey, addressing bothersome health concerns, or conquering the chaos of our current regimens, we start by optimizing Dr. Neal’s Vital5.

Protein is one of those Vital5 nutrients, and collagen is an amazing way to supplement protein to meet your daily goals.

Collagen peptides is our top choice for protein supplementation as it delivers high-quality protein at an amazing value with amazing potential benefits


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