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Ortho Molecular Products | Dr. Neal’s Brand Review

We modern humans spend our days wading through a sea of advertisements. 

With glowing signs and quippy catchphrases littering nearly every corner of available public space, sifting through the clutter to find what actually works is no small feat. 

Is it any wonder, then, that brand loyalty has become the leading currency, outweighing even the most tried and true marketing tactics? 

We’re guilty of it, too. Here at Woodstock Vitamins, Dr. Neal holds our supplements to meticulous standards, so a lot of hyped-up viral vitamins don’t make it onto our (virtual) shelves. 

The ones that do, however, are a cut above industry standards.

In the spotlight today is one of our all-time favorite supplement brands. This company meets all our quality markers for purity, transparency, and product testing, which is pretty freaking rare. 

Read on, fellow supplement enthusiast, to be introduced to Ortho Molecular Products, the supplement manufacturer that’s elevating the wellness world through their commitment to evidence-based formulas that truly make a difference. 

In This Article: 

Meet Ortho Molecular Products

For over 30 years, Ortho Molecular Products (OMP) has been developing some of the highest-quality supplement formulas on the market. 

This simple fact already sets OMP apart from the crowd, as a vast majority of supplement companies are actually just well-branded, sales-focused facades that outsource their product development and testing.

(It really is the Wild West out here in the wellness industry, people.

The OMP team manages to stay on the vanguard of holistic, long-term health by forging exclusive partnerships with healthcare professionals and providers. That means they have a direct line to the doctors and practitioners who are working with real patients in real life while developing their nutritional formulas.

Chances are, if you’ve already heard of Ortho Molecular Products, it was from one of the 45,000+ practitioners who share or sell their supplements. 

But their approach isn’t singularly focused, it’s multi-faceted. Instead of throwing out the baby with the bathwater, OMP also integrates the data from thousands of years of historical, traditional use of ingredients, too. 

The folks over at Ortho Molecular Products choose their raw ingredient selection carefully and painstakingly, but we think the coolest part of their philosophy is that their formulas are propelled by the latest research into ever-greater iterations.

That, and the fact they’re ultra-transparent. While some supplement companies sneak in filler ingredients and flavorings, OMP has nothing to hide.

Why We Love Ortho Molecular Products

Getting the seal of approval from Dr. Neal, supplement savant and notorious wellness wisecracker, is no walk in the park.

Dr. Neal is the guy who singlehandedly developed the Supplement Quality Standard to address the lack of wellness industry regulations — so he isn’t easily impressed. And yet, over 20+ years of clinical practice, he’s recommended Ortho Molecular Products to countless patients from all walks of life. 

There are three key facets of the OMP approach that put their products head and shoulders above the Amazon best-sellers:

  • High-level transparency
  • Commitment to science
  • Rigorous product and facility testing

1. Transparency

Over the last several decades, OMP has earned a reputation as a trusted provider of dietary supplements among healthcare professionals and well-educated wellness seekers. 

They’ve done so through a dedication to radical transparency about their ingredients, formulas, and facilities

Because Ortho Molecular Products develops and creates their supplements instead of drop-shipping third-party products, every part of the manufacturing process is under constant scrutiny. This level of quality control is almost unheard of and allows OMP to provide an abundance of information to the consumer. 

From their product labels — which all include clear, reliable information on the ingredients, forms, and doses — to laboratory testing results, OMP brings unparalleled transparency to the sales process. 

You know, so you can actually trust and understand what you’re putting into your body.

2. Commitment to Science 

Alongside the label and testing transparency is an equally radical commitment to science and consumer education. While most companies obscure information with vague, influencer-speak buzzwords like “natural” and “superfood”, OMP gets right to the heart of it.

Take their SBI Protect Powder, for example. This widely-renowned immunoglobulin (IgG) formula is one of our favorite products to recommend for immune health and gut repair. 

When you buy it, you don’t just get a purified, dairy-free source of IgGs to improve your gastrointestinal tract. You also get a multi-page PDF that encapsulates the latest research to prove the efficacy of IgGs for GI and immune support — with cited sources

If you’re the type of person who’s serious about only putting high-quality stuff in your body, that last sentence probably made your jaw drop just like ours did.

Learn More: Gut Health: Dr. Neal’s Secret Weapon – SBI Protect

3. Rigorous Testing

Remember that farm-to-table type of manufacturing process we mentioned, over which OMP has complete oversight?

It’s a huge quality differentiator for a reason. By maintaining total control of their products from initial formulation to final laboratory analysis, Ortho Molecular Products is one of the few brands that can truly guarantee quality for its customers through rigorous testing.

And OMP tests everything.

The efficacy of their formulas? Tested. The clinically-backed nutrient forms that reach their warehouse as raw ingredients from carefully chosen sources? Tested. The laboratory setting in which their formulas are developed for safe consumer use? Tested, third-party tested, GMP-certified, and FDA-audited.

C-OMP-rehensive Wellness with Ortho Molecular Products

Sharing a beloved brand is the 21st-century equivalent of baring your soul to another; we don’t take it lightly.

But when it comes to Ortho Molecular Products, we’re not afraid to say we love them, trust them, and are proud to carry their cutting-edge supplements here at Woodstock Vitamins.

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