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Guide to Spring Ebook: Say Goodbye to Springtime Woes

By now, you probably already know that spring is…a mixed bag. 

On one hand, the air grows sweeter and warmer with each passing day. On the other, bugs and pests are emerging, allergens are swirling, and pesky, poisonous plants are, like the wildflowers, in bloom. 

From bug sprays to histamine-blocking herbs, we’ve been sharing our favorite tidbits for springtime wellness from our founder and famously-nuanced holistic pharmacist, Dr. Neal Smoller

But if your head is pounding, your nose running, and there’s a sneezing fit waiting to strike, it might be time to bring in the heavy artillery.

Get equipped to face the adventures of the season with our comprehensive, Guide to Spring ebook — AKA your free, holistic toolkit for battling seasonal allergies, pests, poison ivy, and ticks naturally and strategically. 

In This Article:

Why is Seasonal Awareness an Important Part of Wellness Routines? 

It’s easy to get lost in the endless drone of meetings, appointments, traffic patterns, and responsibilities that make up our daily lives. 

So easy, in fact, many of us hardly notice the change in weather. Until hay fever or head congestion from Hades forces us to reckon with the cycling seasons, that is.

The shift from winter to spring can hit especially hard, as sniffle-prone folks know, but being aware of all seasonal transitions is crucial for maintaining year-round health. When the weather and environment turn over for a new season, our bodies must adapt to new stressors. 

Learn More: Holistic Guide to the Dog Days of Summer

If you’re caught unprepared, you’ll be a day late and a tissue box — or calamine lotion bottle — short. 

Springtime Challenges 

Lack of seasonal awareness doesn’t just translate to head colds and bug bites, though. 

The worst part is, in our humble opinions, the fact our bleariness and blocked noses prevent us from enjoying all that spring has to offer, especially after such a staggeringly long winter. 

This ebook, formulated from our whole-picture framework for health, gives a little agency back to the individual, arming us all with natural options for combatting springtime bothers like: 

Seasonal Allergies

Learn the root cause of seasonal allergy symptoms, the role of histamine in the body, how to avoid histamine overload, and powerhouse herbs for symptom prevention and management. 

Plus, you get the inside scoop on our favorite products for allergies and lifestyle tips that can change the game faster than you can say holistic treatment for seasonal allergy symptom relief

Pest Control

Banish the creepy crawlies from your home, and keep them from getting a bite out of you when you’re enjoying the great outdoors. Dr. Neal details the essential oils for pest control that actually work

Can you still use DEET-based bug sprays? Sure, but we’re willing to bet our natural alternatives smell better!

Poison Ivy

Leaves of three, let it be… But if your curiosity gets the best of you, don’t fret. This ebook spills the details on the 3 best natural remedies for poison ivy rash. 

Also included: Plant identification and herbal preparation guidelines, so you can romp around the woods with not-so-reckless abandon. 

Ticks & Lyme Disease

Are ticks the bloodsucking scourges of your nightmares? Fear them no more, and without having to sort through the maze of misinformation about Lyme disease. 

We believe all people should be able to identify ticks, minimize their risk of tick-borne illness, and what to do if they get a tick bite. Now, with the free Guide to Spring, we can!

Strategies to Reclaim Your Love of Spring

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill ebook on natural alternatives for wellness, filled with floral aromatics and flowery promises. 

While we mean no disrespect to the crunchy folks of the world, we can’t help but bring a little rebellious, Woodstock spirit to the conversation. For 20 years, Dr. Neal has practiced as a holistic pharmacist, offering patients nuanced, strategic guidance that draws from the best of both worlds. 

Talk about rocking the boat, right?!

So, as with all Woodstock Vitamins things, you can expect an all-encompassing approach that blends both traditional, herbal remedies and cutting-edge research with: 

1. Actionable Advice 

  • Direct strategies to implement for supporting your seasonal and year-round wellness
  • Printable lists of the best herbs and essential oils for pest management
  • Simple lifestyle adjustments for minimizing allergen exposure 
  • Customizable recipes for DIY bug spray, colloidal oatmeal baths, all-natural poison ivy relief spray, and more

2. Holistic Education 

  • The root causes of seasonal allergy symptoms 
  • Whole-picture attack plan that defends against allergies on all fronts
  • Herbal and natural remedies that support whole-body health and can provide relief for springtime irritants
  • The science of histamine, how poison ivy spreads, and tick-borne infection 

3. A Pharmacist’s Unique Point-of-View

  • Timing guidelines, or when to use natural options for the best results 
  • When to opt for immediate relief from over-the-counter options
  • When going to the doctor is your only option
  • Debunking common myths and marketing tactics for poison ivy and Lyme disease 

Ready to feel like a spring chicken again?

Or, we can put a spring back in your step together — hop on a Counterside Consult for direct, personal guidance to cut through the clutter of wellness information. And, don’t worry, we promise our seasonal puns are reserved strictly for blog posts!


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