Why Our Collagen Peptides is Vital

Supplement trends and fads almost never pan out. Collagen, though, is a fantastic exception to that rule. That doesn’t mean it is the magical. skin-tightening, fountain-of-youth-in-a-powder that the wellness industry likes to hype it up as. Collagen is so great. So much so, Dr. Neal formulated his own, and made the Woodstock Vitamins Collagen Peptides […]

Multivitamin Lineup: Comparing Our Top Multivitamins

Here at Woodstock Vitamins, we follow our founder, Dr. Neal Smoller’s Supplement Strategy philosophy, specifically the Vital5.   Micronutrients are one of the Vital5.  Micronutrients are vital nutrients that benefit multiple body systems, are often missing from even some of the best diets, and have the best science to support their importance.   To meet our unique […]

3 Great Sleep Supplements—And 2 to Avoid

One of the biggest health concerns our customers here at Woodstock Vitamins come to us with is struggling with poor sleep. Sleep is a crucial aspect of a healthy life, and makes up one of the five lifestyle domains in my Wellness Pyramid—a visual representation of daily wellness practices that directly impact our immediate long-term […]

Welcome to Woodstock Vitamins 2.0

Welcome to Woodstock Vitamins 2.0

I’m THRILLED to announce “Woodstock Vitamins Version 2.0!” Many of you have been with me through the long journey to this point. A brief background (if you’re new or it’s been so long you’ve forgotten): 10 years ago I wanted to strengthen the supplement and wellness portion of my business and create a separate brand. […]