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Vital Whey Cocoa – 600g Jar

by Woodstock Vitamins
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Vital whey cocoa:

  • Vital Whey is the ultimate protein supplement for fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals. Crafted with care, our premium whey protein powder provides a superior source of high-quality protein, essential for your daily nutrition.
  • Derived from pure, bioavailable whey protein isolate sourced from grass-fed cows. It is free from hormones, antibiotics, and artificial additives, ensuring you fuel your body with the best.
  • Each serving of Vital Whey contains essential amino acids, including BCAAs, for muscle recovery and growth.
  • Vital Whey offers an impressive amino acid profile and a rich, creamy texture with a delicious taste but Mix it with water, milk, or your favorite smoothie for a satisfying protein shake experience.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Protein: Vital Whey is made from premium whey protein isolate, ensuring a clean and easily absorbed source of protein.
  • Grass-Fed, Hormone-Free: Sourced from grass-fed cows, our whey protein guarantees natural goodness, free from hormones, antibiotics, and artificial additives.
  • Muscle Recovery and Growth: Packed with essential amino acids, including BCAAs, Vital Whey supports muscle repair, recovery, and growth.
  • Delicious Taste and Texture: With its smooth and creamy consistency, Vital Whey offers a delightful protein shake experience, available in various delicious flavors.
  • Versatile and Easy to Use: Mix Vital Whey effortlessly with water, milk, or your preferred beverage, making it convenient for daily use.

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