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Myocep Whey Protein Powder Unflavored – 21 oz

by Woodstock Vitamins
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  • This product currently had a dramatic price increase, and we are exploring options to keep the cost low for you, our loyal customers. Currently we are out of this product and recommend Grass Fed Whey Protein. 
  • With prices on similar products like Vital Whey going up, myocep offers a great alternative that won’t leave a dent in your wallet.
  • Plus, with a formula that’s identical to Vital Whey, you can trust that you’re getting a top-notch product.
  • So why wait? Invest in myocep for all your dietary supplement needs. Your body will thank you!

Product Highlights

    • Optimal unflavored protein supplementation that’s a step above all others
    • Assists with weight management
    • Improves muscle strength
    • Helps with overall health & well being
    • A potent protein source, yielding 15 g of protein per 20 g scoop
    • Minimally processed so protein integrity is maintained.
    • GMO, Antibiotic, and Hormone-Free 


Dr. Neal says:

“Woodstock Vitamins Myocep Whey Protein is one of the most smartly sourced, cleanest, and least processed whey proteins on the market.  

Its high quality means the amino acid-rich protein is reaching you in its most natural state.  Best of all, it tastes awesome!”

How To Use 

    • Mix 1 scoop into 4 to 8 oz of water, milk or dairy substitute
    • We recommend: For best results, mix in a blender or shaker

What’s In The Bottle

Myocep Whey Protein contains Proserum(R), a proprietary, non-denatured, native whey protein produced to maintain the full range of components present in fresh raw milk. 


A leading whey protein concentrate yielding 15 grams per 20 gram scoop


Naturally occurring immune-supporting nutrients.

Lactoferin & Albumin

Crucial proteins found throughout the body that support internal structures and health.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

Shown to build muscle, decrease muscle fatigue and alleviate muscle soreness.

 Supplement Facts

Quality – Without The B.S.

Shown to build muscle, decrease muscle fatigue and alleviate muscle soreness.

 Minimally Processed

Myocep is made using a proprietary processing method, meaning you get a non-denatured whey protein with ingredients found in fresh, raw milk.

Ethically Sourced 

Derived from Australian cows that are grass-fed and graze year-round on beautiful pastures.

Pure & Potent 

No genetically engineered materials.  Hormone-free, chemical-free, and pesticide-free.Yields 15g of protein per 20g scoop

How To Use Myocep

Daily Use 

Mix 1 scoop into 4 to 8 oz. of water, milk, or dairy substitute.

On The Go

Add a scoop to an empty blender bottle and go.  Mix in a fluid when you’re ready to drink.

Be Creative

Add to smoothies, baked goods, cereal, and more for a protein packed snack or meal replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need whey protein?

Woodstock Vitamins Myocep Whey Protein supports a well-balanced diet by providing a healthy source of protein-rich in branched-chain amino acids

Helps with overall health and energy levels, Assists with Weight management promotes antioxidant production and much more.

How is Woodstock Vitamins Myocep Whey Protein different from other protein supplements?

Our Whey is minimally processed so all the protein integrity of raw milk is maintained. Other products are over-pasteurized and dried out with high heat, destroying beneficial compounds.

How much protein do I need every day?

That depends on your size and activity level.  In general, it ranges from 0.8-1.2 grams per kilogram of body weight. Here’s a helpful calculator that you can use.

What are immunoglobulins?

Immunoglobulins are a class of proteins present in the serum and cells of the immune system, which function as antibodies.

How does this compare to plant proteins?

Whey and collagen offer a more robust spectrum of protein. Pea, Sancha incha, or hemp protein are least processed and most bioavailable of the plant-based proteins.

What if I’m a vegan or vegetarian?

For vegetarians who consume dairy there is no issue with taking Woodstock Vitamins Myocep Whey Protein. For Vegans we recommend supplementing with a Pea, Sancha incha, or hemp protein as they are least processed and most bioavailable of the vegan proteins.

Can I use Myocep if I’m lactose intolerant?

Woodstock Vitamins Myocep Whey Protein does contain a small amount of lactose (1g per 10g protein, or 2g per scoop). For those who are able, I recommend taking lactase at the time of protein consumption or shortly before.

Consider Woodstock Vitamins Collagen Peptides instead, which is lactose-free.

Why is this a Vital 5 supplement?

Proteins give our body lasting energy, important amino acids and support literally every cell in the body.

Proteins are also the macronutrient that many people don’t get enough of in the day. This commonly manifests as a problem in our rapidly dividing cells:  skin, hair, and nails.

Protein is the main building block for all of these things, so improving protein intake will have a dramatic impact on these common problems.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
susan roberts

Myocep Whey Protein Powder Unflavored - 21 oz

Kirsten Jacobson

Myocep Whey Protein Powder Unflavored - 21 oz

Emily in Vermont
My daughter and I love this!

This product goes great in smoothies. I highly recommend it.

Glenn M
Myocep unflavored

Very clean and smooth quality tasting protein powder!


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