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Vital Greens and Reds – 8.46oz

by Woodstock Vitamins
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A Sophisticated Blend of Organic Fruits and Veggies

Vital Greens & Reds is our go-to solution for maintaining baseline nutrition in a busy world. Packed with real fruits and veggies like blueberries, acerola cherries, beets, and spinach, each dose provides a broad spectrum of non-GMO micronutrients. Organic whole food and herbal compounds are paired with gut-restoring probiotics and essential digestive enzymes for maximum absorption, as well as antioxidants that support whole-body health.

Product Highlights

Comprehensive formula for baseline nutrition
Contains over 23 cleansing, alkalizing superfoods
Potent 11-strain probiotic blend to restore gut health
Non-GMO, organic, sprouted, vegan

Our Experts Say

Vital Greens & Reds is the last whole-food powder blend you’ll ever need. Carefully formulated with high concentrations of raw, organic foods, this convenient — and tasty! — supplement powder combines phytonutrients with probiotics, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants to deliver easy, yet critical, nutrition. Featuring organic herbal extracts from powerful plants like sea buckthorn, ginger, goji berry, green tea, and astrgalus, Vital Greens & Reds hits all the bases for maintaining optimal nutrient levels for a whole, active life.

Comprehensive Immune Support Formula
Support immunity with our pharmacist-formulated blend of organic greens, vegetables, fruits, berries, phytonutrients, organic fiber sources, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. Vital Greens & Reds delivers everything you need for all-day energy and wellness in a single scoop.
Antioxidant-Rich with Phytonutrients
Our Vital Greens & Reds superfoods powder features OxyPhyte, a bioavailable, antioxidant-rich phytonutrient blend of organic green tea and apple extracts. It’s ideal for helping protect the body against oxidative stress. These phytonutrients work with polyphenols to deliver maximum nutrient absorption for comprehensive health.
11 Strain Probiotic Blend
Scoop, stir, and sip our premium digestive powder to cover all your bases. This 11-strain blend assists the natural detoxification process in the body with our proprietary probiotics and enzyme formula. Just one smooth and flavorful scoop of Vital Greens & Reds per day can help support a healthy gut microflora and reduce inflammation.

How to Use

Blend, shake, or briskly stir one level scoop (8g) of Vital Greens and Reds into 6-8 fl oz of chilled water, smoothie, or shake, or as directed by your healthcare provider. Adjust the amount of water to your desired sweetness and/or thickness.

What's in the Bottle?

Organic Fiber Blend
Gum Acacia is a dietary fiber that aids in digestion and can help reduce the risk of constipation. Inulin, a prebiotic that stimulates the growth of healthy gut bacteria, can help boost immunity. And flaxseed, which contains omega-3 fatty acids known for their anti-inflammatory properties
Organic Greens and Veggies Blend
The humble carrot is rich in Vitamin A and beta carotene, which can improve eye health, while green cabbage is high in vitamin K, folate, and sulforaphane, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Broccoli contains natural antioxidants that help protect against oxidative stress and cancer-causing free radicals. Beets are source of potassium and magnesium, compounds that can help maintain heart health. Chlorella and spinach are both nutrient-rich greens that can aid in detoxification of the body, with the latter being a great source of vitamin K, iron, magnesium, and calcium for healthy bones and muscles.
Organic Fruits and Berries Blend
Blueberries contain antioxidants, which can reduce the risk of heart disease, while apple contributes to better digestion. The strawberry fruit is packed with vitamin C to boost immunity, and it can help lower cholesterol levels. Sea buckthorn helps protect cells from oxidative damage and supports healthy skin, while acai, abundant in omega-3 fatty acids, promotes brain health and support hormonal balance. Acerola cherries are high in vitamin C, making them helpful for supporting the immune system and fighting infection. Plum extract improves blood circulation, releases stress, and boosts energy.
Antioxidant Phytonutrients Blend
OxPhyte is a patented green tea blend, bursting with antioxidants that help protect against cell damage and can reduce the risk of disease. Alongside it are apple extract, which helps boost immunity and provide energy, and astragalus root which helps strengthen immune system, reduce inflammation, and regulate hormones. Ginger can aid in digestion, relieve nausea, and may improve blood sugar levels, while goji berry extract can help slow aging process and improve overall health.
Digestive Support Probiotics
Vital Greens & Reds uses 11 strains of probiotics to enhance the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals, support the natural detoxification process in the body, and helps to restore healthy gut flora balance
Glucoraphanin from Broccoli Extract
An antioxidant compound that helps prevent oxidative stress, reduces high cholesterol, and provides digestive support

Supplement Facts

Other Ingredients:  Organic flavors, organic stevia extract, and organic Luo Han Guo extract.

Does Not Contain:  Wheat, gluten, soy, animal or dairy products, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, ingredients derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or artificial preservatives.

Vital Greens and Reds - 8.46oz

Quality — Without the B.S.

We follow Dr. Neal’s science-based Supplement Quality Standard — the expert’s way of choosing a supplement that works for your wellness, your wallet, and the world. When crafting our pharmacist-formulated supplements, we consider the science, compliance, virtues, and value of a product or brand before we recommend anything to you.

This nutrient-dense formula is made with ingredients backed by science (not hype!) and in concentrations clinically proven to provide critical phytonutrients for overall wellness.
We take product purity very seriously. So, to develop the highest quality superfoods blend possible, we source from organic growers and test for heavy metals like lead and arsenic, putting every bottle through strict quality control processes to ensure safety and potency.
Our transparency-first model means you know the exact potency of each capsule and why we use the ingredients we do. From source to shelf, our manufacturing process is centered around transparent solutions that work for your wellness and the world.
But we want our supplements to work for your wallet, too. That’s why this greens and reds blend is clinically formulated with only the most bioavailable ingredients — so you get the most bang for your buck without any unnecessary fillers or allergens.

The Final Word

Hitting your daily nutrition targets has never been easier than with the nutrient-dense foods and herbs of Vital Greens & Reds. From sea buckthorn and goji berry to spinach and carrot, each scoop is a vibrant superfood salad condensed into an easy, drinkable option for wellness seekers on the go. And no, it doesn’t taste like grass!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need Vital Greens & Reds?

    Most Americans don’t consume enough fruits and veggies. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), only 1 in 10 adults in the US meet the recommended servings of fruit and vegetables each day.

    This can lead to vitamin deficiencies, low immunity, and a risk of developing chronic illnesses. 

    This superfood powder is a nutrient-dense blend of various plant-based ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables, and herbs. This powder is designed to provide a concentrated source of nutrients and antioxidants that may be lacking in your diet.

    Vital Greens & Reds is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants such as anthocyanins and polyphenols. These nutrients have been linked to various health benefits, including reducing inflammation, improving heart health, and boosting immune function.

    While it’s always best to get your nutrients from whole foods, incorporating a superfood powder into your diet can be a convenient way to boost your intake of essential nutrients and support your overall health and wellness. 

    With Vital Greens & Reds, you can easily increase your intake of key vitamins and minerals while also closing any gaps in nutrition that may be missing from your daily meals, despite your best efforts.

    Our foundational, whole-food formula provides personal nutrition in sophisticated concentrations of berries, superfoods, fiber sources, and more. Discover what it means to feel and look your best, enjoy all-day energy, and supercharge your health with a once-daily, simple scoop.

  • How is this different from other Greens and Reds powders?

    It’s a superfood powder that doesn’t taste like grass and actually delivers on its promises for better health. 

    With our clinically-developed formula, our revolutionary ultra-pure greens and reds blend delivers everything you need and nothing you don’t. 

    From concentrated organic berries to power greens, we pair 11 gut-friendly probiotic strains with bioavailable extracts. All while delivering maximum potency of each organic nutrient in the perfect dose.

  • How much Vital Greens and Reds do I need every day?

    The recommended daily dose of Vital Greens & Reds is one scoop per day, equivalent to 7.5g of powder. 

    However, this can vary depending on your individual nutritional needs and dietary goals. If you are looking to increase your intake of vitamins and minerals, it’s best to consult with your doctor or nutritionist before taking any dietary supplement.

  • How is Woodstock Vitamins’ Vital Greens and Reds different?

    Our Vital Greens & Reds are made with real, whole foods that work. We chose the dosages and selections of our superfoods carefully to pack maximum nutrition into each potent serving. Plus, our proprietary blend is formulated with Trubroc, a concentrated broccoli seed extract extensively researched and created at John Hopkins.

    Trubroc helps maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol, promotes strong bones and muscles, and supports a healthy digestive system. The antioxidants found in TruBroc can help protect against oxidative stress, cancer-causing free radicals, and inflammation.

  • What makes this product “Vitality Approved”?

    We keep our supplements simple by adhering to the Vitality Approved standard. Through our strict third-party testing, our supplements are free of all impurities and thoroughly batch-tested for quality and potency. 

    It’s essential to understand that veggie superfood powders can contain several common contaminants, including bacteria, heavy metals, and pesticides. Bacterial contamination can occur if the veggie powder has been harvested or stored improperly. This may lead to food-borne illnesses or allergic reactions in some cases. 

    Heavy metals such as lead and mercury can also be found in veggie superfoods because they can remain in the soil where they were grown even if they weren’t directly added to the product. 

    Pesticides and herbicides used on plants can also contaminate veggie superfoods supplement powders if not removed during processing. 

    With Woodstock Vitamins, you can breathe easy knowing our formulas are developed with the latest cutting-edge scientific research to deliver maximum efficiency, absorption, and results in a premium quality, safe product, perfect for women and men at all life stages.

  • What makes Vital Greens and Reds the best option for me?

    Vital Greens & Reds is the perfect choice for people who can’t seem to eat enough fruit and veggies, but are looking to improve their health and feel better. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans with our 100% plant-based formula.

    Vital Greens & Reds is made with premium ingredients that are free from added sugars or artificial sweeteners. This makes it a great source of natural, sustained energy throughout the day. Furthermore, our powder can be easily added to shakes or smoothies, making it a painless addition to your wellness routine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Gail Bechtold

Great taste and a great source of fruits and vegetables. I have recommended this to many friends. Good product.

Love it!

Tastes sweet and fantastic. Even makes my hemp protein powder palatable when I mix them together.

delores childs
Great product and company

I have been using the reds and green powder for a number of years. I love the taste and it seems to be giving me energy. The price is fair and the company gives great customer service.

Valeria Koopman

This is what nutrition is supposed to taste like! Amazing taste and amazing energizer!

Glenn M
Nutrient rich product

Vital greens and reds fill in all the gaps of my diet. I always feel great after taking it in the morning!


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