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Super Greens – 250 Tablets

by Woodstock Vitamins
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What Our Experts Say:

  • This is the perfect vegetarian multivitamin!
  • Available as a tablet or a powder

Our Vitality Approved Solution

From the Manufacturer:

In today’s world of stress, illness, poor daily diets and pollution we all can use a hero. Enter SuperGreens. The amazing 21 Super Foods packed into SuperGreens have proven to Naturally Heal and Powerfully Defend your body on many levels and are invaluable for anyone who wants to live a fuller and healthier life!

SuperGreens is the best whole food supplement available. With more than 20 superfoods, this product offers a plethora of nutrients known for their ability to promote healing, energy, and maintenance. The perfect way to fill in the gaps of our poor diets. Most vitamin pills are just synthetic vitamins and do not provide any real nutrition, they are the wonder bread of vitamins. SuperGreens is the real whole grain bread of vitamins. The oatmeal to your Captain Crunch. Get real nutrition, get SuperGreens.

Equally as important, SuperGreens also provides myriad other food factors and micronutrients that our bodies require for optimum health, including enzymes, amino acids, co-vitamins, minerals, and more. These food factors can only be found in nature’s whole foods and not in vitamin pills.

The foods contained in SuperGreens were grown and harvested without the use of pesticides or other toxic chemicals. Food ingredients in our formulas are carefully selected for their potency and nutritional capabilities and how they work synergistically for maximum benefit in health, healing, maintenance and cellular function.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Analie Bosco
Love these!

I take these daily. They truly help with digestion

Analie Bosco

These are my fav but a little expensive

Anastasia Redman

Love them , made a difference

Ruth Elsesser

Excellent service as always.


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