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Vitamin D 5000 and K-2 90 – 60 Capsules

by Woodstock Vitamins
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Annie H.
Excelent, but only thaking this dose once a week

I trust Woodstoc Vitimins for all my suppliments because of their purity and value. The Vitimin D is a higher dose than I took before, but my doctor advised using it weekly instead of daily. Feelin good and living well!

Bonnie Cosby
Brought my Vitaman D level up

My Doctor has been prescribing me vitamin D for at least 6 years. You only are to take once a week. I forgot half the time. In 2021 had huge calcium kidney stone. Took two operations to remove. I'm not saying it was because of prescribed D 2 vitamin. I did however see that instead of taking prescribed vitamin which is D2 ,( I believe ) take Vitamin D3 with K2. So I started taken Woodstock Vitamin D 5000 and K-2 90. Upon next visit to Doctor he told me to start taking over the counter Vitamin D with K2. I told him, already switched a month ago. He seemed excited and wanted to run labs. Labs came back that my Vitamin D level had come up to average. Average might not sound like much to you. My Doctor had been prescribing me D2 for year's trying to bring D UP to average. Mind you, this was just a month and finally made to average. Hope next Labs D will be higher, as I'm continuing to take Woodstock Vitamin D 5000 and K-2 90. Many thanks Woodstock.


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