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GI Immune Plus – Vanilla Flavor – 6.46 oz Powder

by Woodstock Vitamins
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jeff Mullins
GI immune plus powder

Seems to be helping my SIBO symptoms so far. Only been taking for a week but could tell a difference within the forecast couple of days. Tried the capsules first but didn’t notice much improvement. Powder seems to be working much better than the capsules.

Nina Sheldon
Essential supplement

every day, after taking GI Immune Plus, I feel increased well-being, not only intestinally but throughout my body. I wouldn't like to do without it.

Lisa K
Instantly Soothes Diver Disease for me.

Had my first flare-up 4 years ago just before an international trip. The free phone consult gave this as one of the solutions and it helped immensely. Just ran out of 2nd order & ordering again, bc I NEVER want to be caught w/o this on hand.

It's that soothing during pain from inflammation. If you have Diver Dis - you know.

Good product to support the digestive system

I’ve been using this for a couple of months and started taking it when I was dealing with a multiple health issues that were causing or contributing to issues with my digestive system. I’m feeling better and my digestive system seems to be back on track. I mix the powder in a blender with water as it didn’t dissolve well when I tried mixing it in a glass. The taste is not great, but it is tolerable.

Dale Brisson

Love it


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