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Coenzyme B-Complex – 90 Capsules

by Woodstock Vitamins
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Chelated B Vitamins to Support Adrenal, Neurological, and Stress-Related Functions

B vitamins are foundational nutrients that affect multiple bodily systems — from brain and cognitive health to energy production. Our full-spectrum, powerhouse B-Complex formula provides the body with activated and chelated vitamins that are vital for baseline nutrition. Designed to help you function at your best with 100% of your daily recommended B vitamins, our proprietary formula delivers maximum bioavailability and absorption in each capsule.

Product Highlights

Provides the building blocks for healthy brain function
Supports cellular health and energy production
Delivers activated B vitamins for well-rounded nutrition
Contains Folate (as Quatrefolic™), the biologically active form of folic acid

Our Experts Say

Get up and go with this pharmacist-formulated B-Complex supplement. Featuring active, methylated forms of vitamins B2, B6, and B12, our Coenzyme Complex is a bioavailable blend that protects against stress-related nutrient deficiencies with a comprehensive nutrient profile that is suitable for women and men at all life stages.

Maximum Bioavailability
Pharmacist-formulated with Benfotiamine, the more physiologically active form of thiamin/B1 vitamin that’s fat and water-soluble, this B-Complex is easily absorbed to support nerve function, promote cardiovascular health, and reduce inflammation in the body.
Folate as Quatrefolic
5-MTHF is used for optimal nutrient utilization. It helps to bridge the gap between dietary intake of folate and absorption by the body. It has been shown to increase folic acid levels in the blood plasma and improve metabolic processes involved with physiological activities such as whole-body detoxification.

How to Use

Daily Use

Take 1 capsule once or twice daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.     

What's in the Bottle?

Thiamin (Vitamin B1)
Essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, which helps to produce energy. It also helps to maintain a healthy nervous system and heart and can improve cognitive function. It may also be beneficial for people with diabetes.
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)
Plays a key role in the metabolism of food, converting it into energy. It is also essential for the health of the skin, eyes, and nervous system. It can help prevent migraines and may be beneficial for people with anemia.
Niacin (Vitamin B3)
Helps convert food into energy and is essential for maintaining healthy skin and nerves. It can also help lower cholesterol levels and may be beneficial for people with diabetes.
Vitamin B6
Helps metabolize food, converting it into energy, and helps form red blood cells. It also plays a role in maintaining the health of the nervous system. It may also help with symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and may be beneficial for people with anemia.
Folate (Quatrefolic)
Plays a key role in the formation of red blood cells and is essential for normal fetal development during pregnancy. It may also be beneficial for people with anemia and may help reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.
Vitamin B12
Essential for the formation of red blood cells and the health of the nervous system. It also helps prevent megaloblastic anemia and may help reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.
Biotin (Vitamin B7)
Important for converting food into energy, and is essential for healthy hair, skin, and nails. It also helps form fatty acids and glucose.
Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)
Essential for the metabolism of food, converting it into energy, and the production of hormones and cholesterol. It also helps form red blood cells and reduces stress.
Important for regulating the nervous system and brain function, as well as the development and health of cell membranes. It also helps transport fats throughout the body, may help reduce inflammation, and may be beneficial for people with liver disease.

Supplement Facts

Other Ingredients:  Microcrystalline cellulose, HPMC (acid-resistant vegan capsule), stearic acid, magnesium stearate, and silica.

Does Not Contain:  Wheat, gluten, soy, animal or dairy products, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, ingredients derived from GMOs, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or artificial preservatives.

Coenzyme B-Complex - 90 Capsules

Quality — Without the B.S.

We follow Dr. Neal’s science-based Supplement Quality Standard — the expert’s way of choosing a supplement that works for your wellness, your wallet, and the world. When crafting our pharmacist-formulated supplements, we consider the science, compliance, virtues, and value of a product or brand before we recommend anything to you.

This nutrient-dense formula is made with ingredients backed by science (not hype!) and in concentrations proven to support sleep health according to recent clinical research.
We take product purity very seriously. So, to develop the highest quality B-Complex supplement possible, we test for heavy metals like lead and arsenic, putting every bottle through strict quality control processes to ensure safety and potency.
Our transparency-first model means you know the exact potency of each capsule and why we use the ingredients we do. From source to shelf, our manufacturing process is centered around transparent solutions that work for your wellness and the world.
But we want our supplements to work for your wallet, too. That’s why this complex is clinically formulated with only the most bioavailable ingredients — so you get the most bang for your buck without any unnecessary fillers or allergens.

The Final Word

Experience industry-leading support for your adrenal, neurological, and stress-related functions with our Coenzyme B Complex. This reliable, data-backed formula offers activated vitamins and essential nutrients for optimal wellness, providing 100% of your daily recommended B vitamins. With superior bioavailability in each capsule, our pharmacist-formulated B-Complex ensures maximum absorption in every dose.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need Coenzyme B Complex?

    Coenzyme B Complex is a group of essential B vitamins that have important roles in maintaining overall health and well-being. Each vitamin has specific functions that contribute to the proper functioning of the body, and a deficiency in any of them can lead to health complications.

    Our B Vitamin Complex supplement provides all these essential B vitamins in one convenient dose to ensure your body has the necessary vitamins to function properly.

  • How is Woodstock Vitamins different from other Coenzyme B Complex supplements?

    Woodstock Vitamins Coenzyme B Complex is a reliable alternative to typical B blends. It stands out by using cutting-edge research to formulate the best forms of herbal, raw, whole foods, and antioxidants, including methylated B12 and phase 1 detoxification.

    It avoids overdosing on the wrong nutrients and delivers bioavailable nutrients for a healthy micronutrient reserve, making it a stronger choice with the right dosage.

  • How much Coenzyme B Complex do I need every day?

    The recommended daily intake of Coenzyme B Complex vitamins varies according to specific vitamins and individual factors like age, gender, and health condition. It’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the right dosage for you.

    However, here are the recommended daily allowances (RDAs) for adults for each B vitamin, although some individuals may require more or less based on their specific needs or health condition.

  • What makes this product “Vitality Approved”?

    Our product is “Vitality Approved” because it sticks to strict third-party testing and is free of contaminants. It undergoes rigorous third-party batch testing in a GMP-compliant lab to ensure quality and potency.

    Contaminants found in multivitamins, such as heavy metals, microplastics, and synthetic compounds, can be toxic to humans and cause serious health problems. Our Coenzyme B Complex follows stringent purity and testing standards, providing a safe final product.

  • What makes Coenzyme B Complex the best option for me?

    Coenzyme B Complex vitamins play critical roles in various bodily functions. They help convert food into energy, support the nervous system, maintain healthy skin, hair, and eyes, promote cardiovascular health, and provide pregnancy support.

    Deficiency in these vitamins can lead to health problems, so it’s important to ensure adequate intake through a balanced diet or supplements. Our Coenzyme B Complex delivers these essential vitamins conveniently and efficiently.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great Product

I purchased this product after a nutritionist originally recommended a product with virtually the same nutrients (a methylated B vitamin) from a pharmaceutical company that I could only purchase with a prescription. I find that the Coenzyme B-Complex supplement from Woodstock Vitamins works great and meets my supplemental nutrition needs. I feel more energized when I take this daily. It is also reasonably priced and ships quickly.

Analie Bosco

Feel great when I take this

Patty Olson
Can’t live without

I feel such a difference when I faithfully take this complex both physically and mentally.



Lee Day

Why are you spamming me just because I bought something?


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