Herbs & Botanicals

Did you know that many herb & botanical products on the market are produced from raw materials which are contaminated and adulterated?

  • Many are even improperly extracted using industrial solvents which can result in hexane and acetone contamination. 
  • There are no industry standards for purity or quality, and little regulation of herb & botanical products sold to consumers.
  • Industry labeling standards are extremely poor, and companies intentionally misrepresent their product’s purity and ingredients. There’s no telling what you’re getting!

That’s why we developed our Vitality Approved standards- the toughest in the industry.

  • Vitality Approved herbs and botanicals are properly extracted and are free of solvents like hexane, and acetone.
  • We test our herbs and botanicals to eliminate adulterants, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals
  • Our supplements are manufactured to our exacting standards of quality and purity, and we closely monitor our manufacturers! 
  • If a product doesn’t meet or exceed our rigorous standards, we refuse to sell it!
  • We strive for 100% transparency in our labeling- what you see is what you get.